FCtalentgroup is the group company of FarmaCity which is offering below-mentioned services since 2005.

Outplacement (New Career Transition Program)

FCtalentgroup is approaching outplacement projects as an opportunity to enable displaced employees as benefited at maximum level throughout their career transition journey.

The service empowers the employer to maintain professional relationship at corporate level with both internal and external partners and boosts corporate social responsibility and enhance employer brand perception positively.

Blended Solutions

Recruitment Process Outsourcing: FCtalentgroup is offering on-site recruitment services for their client’s specialized needs in recruitment.

Mass recruitment: FCtalentgroup allocates a special project team for recruitment of large number of employees into the client’s expanding and/or restructuring organization.

Team and Department Establishment: Our consultants is conducting ‘special projects’ to meet clients’ unique needs including team establishment across all functions, department and/or function establishment within an organization and re-organizational design