Nursen Çiçekli

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Nursen is the team member that witnessed and contributed to the entire growth and evolution of FarmaCity since its foundation in 2005 as a core member of our team.

Nursen runs all daily operations in FarmaCity offices as our Office Manager taking responsibility of off all organizational needs of the team including meeting and travel arrangements. She is acting as Executive Assistant to Managing Director.

Prior to joining FarmaCity, she was employed by a biochemistry lab as Office Manager in Istanbul.

Nursen graduated from Pertevniyal High School in Istanbul, professionally employed since her high school graduation.


Energizer not only for FarmaCity team but for all.

To change and to re-organize is what Nursen does.

Mother to two daughters at home, she is also a mother to the entire FarmaCity team, listening and caring all day long, her mothering energy is everywhere.

A natural born Istanbuller can travel anywhere with public transport.

Enjoys dealing with all things complicated and bureaucratic.