Seda Soydan

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Seda focuses on senior level assignments across all functions in Life Sciences industry. She has in-depth knowledge of Executive Recruitment across all functions in pharma/biotech/consumer health: Commercial, Medical, Market Access and Gov Affairs, HR, IT, TechOps, Finance, Compliance-Legal.

Seda has helped many corporations to shape their organizational growth and establish their affiliates and recruiting their management team members. Her responsibilities also include FarmaCity’s business growth.

Seda plays a key role in the sustained growth of FarmaCity in Turkey and the Middle East. She is certified in Leadership Assessment and Job and Occupation Counselling. She designs and delivers Leadership Assessment Center and Development Center projects.

Seda holds Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration (taught in French) from Marmara University in Istanbul. Seda is fluent in English and has a good command of French, also she is a certified Leadership Assessor and certified Job and Occupation Counsellor.


Natural born researcher who is curious to know more about being.

Interested and talented in astrology, enthusiastic to give readings.

Enjoys singing, assuming that everybody likes to hear her voice.

Crazy about traveling, ready to spend her last penny on flights.

Not a morning person.